Inclusive® TRS Mini Implant Overdenture

"Mini" or small-diameter implants are traditionally prescribed for patients who do not receive root-form implants due to medical, anatomical or financial reasons. Formerly reserved for transitional use during the osseointegration phase of root-form implants, mini implants have gained acceptance for the immediate loading and long-term stabilization of dentures using a simple and effective O-ring retention system. The Inclusive Mini Implant Overdenture provides everything you need for your denture stabilization case: four Inclusive Mini Implants, surgical drill, impression copings, O-ring housings, analogs, model work, and final overdenture – all for a single low price. Additional mini implants, as well as all tools and instruments needed to place them, are also available.

Product Highlights

  • Minimally invasive surgical protocol
  • Immediate loading in the presence of primary stability
  • Case support from preoperative planning to final prosthesis
  • Predictable implant lab fees and no hidden costs

Complete Case Includes:

  • 4 x Inclusive® Mini Implants
  • Cortical bone drill
  • 4 x Mini implant impression copings
  • 4 x Mini implant analogs
  • Model work
  • 4 x O-ring housings (each with additional O-ring)
  • Final overdenture with Kenson® Teeth

Inclusive is a registered trademark of Inclusive Dental Solutions. Kenson is a registered trademark of Myerson.