Inclusive® Tissue Contouring System

Stop using generic healing abutments that lead to an unnatural emergence profile. Don't spend valuable chair time fabricating custom components at the time of surgery. The Inclusive® Tissue Contouring System is an efficient way to produce esthetic gingival margins and a predictable prosthetic outcome. For use with most major implant systems, this versatile solution consists of a custom healing abutment that is ready to seat and easy to adjust, along with a matching custom impression coping to capture the gingival contours for the final restoration. Add a surgical stent for restorative-driven implant positioning, or even a custom temporary abutment with BioTemps® provisional crown for immediate temporization in esthetically demanding cases.

Product Highlights

1. Supports the Following Implant Systems

  • Astra Tech# OsseoSpeed#
  • Biomet 3i# Certain#
  • Camlog# Screw-Line#
  • Inclusive® Tapered Implant System
  • Nobel Biocare# Brånemark System#, NobelActive# and NobelReplace#
  • Straumann# Bone Level#
  • Zimmer# Screw-Vent#

2. Product Advantages

  • Anatomical shape mimics natural tooth morphology specific to the individual patient
  • Manages soft tissue to establish a natural emergence profile and esthetic margins
  • Sets up smooth and comfortable delivery of the final restoration

3. System Includes

  • Custom Healing Abutment: Controls tissue contours during the healing phase to achieve a natural emergence profile
  • Custom Impression Coping: Communicates the final gingival architecture to the clinician's chosen restorative lab

4. Optional Components

  • Prosthetic Stent: Provides restorative-driven implant positioning for an optimal prosthetic outcome (recommended)
  • Custom Temporary Abutment with BioTemps Provisional Crown: Offers patient-specific tissue contouring with immediate temporization where indicated

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