About Us



This is a new concept to help the dentist become the best they can be.  Our site organizes you with our management software.  It advertises for you in our web builder portal. It educates you in the latest dental techniques with the American Academy of Dentistry (AAD).  Eventually you will be able to buy supplies at the cheapest price available.  You can communicate with your collegues.  The dentist can even sell your dental related equipment, office, or even find a job.

The site is so innovative, we are the first to offer the patient to see their own information online:

  • Your office will be able to communicate with the patients via SMS text and email, reminding them of appointments.
  • You can even advertise to your patients. 4eDental provides the doctor patients from the insurance arm of the business.
  • Educate your patients with the free videos.
  • Many additional other features that are too numerous to mention here.


Welcome and thank You for choosing 4eDental.

 4eDental Management team