Captek™ PFMs

Captek™ restorations offer vitality, strength and biocompatibility for your restorative casework. Ceramic is fused to the Captek 22 karat gold understructure, providing a warm, lifelike appearance at the gingival margin. Biocompatible and corrosion resistant due to its composition of 84.5 percent gold and 9 percent platinum group metals, Captek will not oxidize and no toxic or allergic reaction will occur with soft tissue. Captek also exhibits less bacterial accumulation than conventional and full-coverage PFMs.1

Thanks to the new and improved Captek Nano material, Captek now offers 33 percent more density and strength. The material's capillary attraction technology produces exceptionally strong porcelain understructures that outperform the resistance to fracture of conventionally cast metals.2

Captek is a trademark of Argen.

1. Boston University Study by Dr. Nathanson, Dr. D Riis in collaboration with Dr. R Goldstein and presented at the IADR meeting in Acapulco: data provided by Leach & Dillon company.
2. Goodson JM, Shoher I, Som S, Nathanson D: Reduced dental plaque accumulation on composite gold alloys. Journal of Periodontal Research. 2001;36;252-259.